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> In the case of single-homed folks who just want to avoid 
> renumbering hassles, I think you'd need an awfully large 
> number of computers before the renumbering hassle adds up to 
> $17k/yr. Many many computers.

Nope.  All you really need is a small number of computers, several
firewalls, and a requirement that you have to comply with a security and
security auditing specification, such as the payment card industry (PCI)
specification.  Part of the cost would be renumbering, part would be
revising the rules in the firewalls, intrusion detection system, etc.  A
big part would be in re-auditing the information security configuration.

And the cost of making a mistake on the security configurations is about
$10 per exposed credit card number for a year's subscription to a credit
report watch service, not to mention the cost of making the front page
of the newspapers and computer trade press.


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