[ppml] Effects of explosive routing table growth on ISP behavior

Brian Johnson bjohnson at drtel.com
Wed Oct 31 14:41:34 EDT 2007

Scott Leibrand wrote:
> >> precedent: the IPv6 guidelines say you have to announce your
> allocation as a single netblock.
> >>
> >
> > Question: Does it say you cannot advertise smaller portions as well
> as
> > the larger block?
> >
> There's some debate on that, but as I read it, no.  My understanding
> that you're free to advertise subnets longer than /32 out of PA space,
> but other networks are free to filter them.
> I think it may eventually be necessary to move toward something
> for IPv4, but it's not all that urgent just yet.

So I can announce subnets longer than /32 to my desire and anyone can
filter as they desire.

Sounds like the IPv4 status quo to me.

- Brian

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