[ppml] [address-policy-wg] Policy proposal - Cooperative distribution of the end of the IPv4 free pool.

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Wed Oct 31 12:20:09 EDT 2007

> > We should discard all the other silly end-game proposals 
> and do some 
> > serious work on making a workable variation of this one.
> >   
> I would point out that this policy applies *after* the IANA 
> reserve has been allocated.
> The other policies under discussion apply *before* the 
> reserve has run out, and concern when and how the final IANA 
> blocks are allocated to RIRs.
> As such, the two kinds of proposals are orthogonal.

Exactly! The policies that apply before the IANA reserve has
run out, are silly. This policy, which applies after the IANA
reserve has run out, makes some sense and does result in a soft

> And, in fact, if both kinds are implemented, the benefit is 
> greater than if only one or the other were implemented.

I disagree. 

And if Tony Hain's policy were to be implemented, then everything
before that is basically meaningless.

--Michael Dillon

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