[ppml] IPv6 assignment - proposal for change to nrpm

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Mon Oct 29 23:17:20 EDT 2007

Seth Mattinen wrote:
> I'm betting on "we're AT&T, they wouldn't dare deny us anything we 
> want." Does anyone know how solid ARIN's authority is if they tried to 
> deny AT&T a request for more space, or would their lawyers run ARIN into 
> the ground?

I think ARIN would have the upper hand there.  The IP administrator for 
another mega-telco was telling me at ABQ how her director was wanting to 
escalate an IP request and simply "call up ARIN's CEO".  The IP admin 
had to explain to the director that their relationship with ARIN didn't 
work that way like it does with normal commercial vendors, and if he 
tried it it would only make their life harder by ensuring that ARIN 
followed their policy and procedure to the letter.

I suspect the same is the experience of most people working with ARIN: 
if you are reasonable and cooperate with their justification requests, 
they'll be reasonable in return, and not ask for details on every last 
netblock.  But if you start to get belligerent or litigious, there's *a 
lot* more justification they could reasonably request, without even 
coming close to what a judge might consider excessive.


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