[ppml] IPv4 address and routing slot markets

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Mon Oct 29 14:55:13 EDT 2007

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>>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen Sprunk <stephen at sprunk.org> writes:
>    Stephen> Thus spake "Bill Darte" <BillD at cait.wustl.edu>
>    >> Please tell me simply what keeps those who wish to de-aggregate
>    >> their available blocks beyond that which ARIN will
>    >> sanction...from using the gray or black market to do so.
>    Stephen> There is a theory that a non-trivial number of ISPs will
>    Stephen> filter at ARIN's defined prefix lengths, and therefore
>    Stephen> deaggregation beyond those lengths will be pointless unless
>    Stephen> one only wants the block(s) for private use -- which none
>    Stephen> of us should care about.
>  I've tried that.
>  There are ISPs too stupid to also announce the broader prefix, and
>there is no ARIN policy or RFC that I can find that tells that they
>  How do I discover this?  When my customers are told that some people
>can't reach their site.

Don't worry about it.  Sooner or later one of the Very Large ISP's
is going to be in the position of they either pony up the hundreds of
needed to upgrade all their routers, or filter and cut off a bunch of

They will filter and when their customers say "why can't some people
reach my site" they will tell their customers that they can't find anything
and maybe those "some people" need to talk to their own administrators.

It's been my experience that ignorant customers ALWAYS assume that if there
a problem, that the smaller ISP must be the cause of it based on the
that a Very Large ISP like an AOL or MSN or someone like that must obviously
know what they are doing simply by virtue that they are Very Large.

It's the same logic that "God must be right, because, after all, he is God"
(ignorning the story of the rainbow, etc.)

In other words, it's a faith issue with these customers, not a logic issue.


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