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>> The pieces I have not yet seen are:
>> -- Firewalls -- With IPv4, the firewall rules are built in 
>> terms of IP addresses. Will IPv6 firewalls do something 
>> similar or will there be a single place to specify a prefix?
>Linux iptables has had IPv6 support since 2001 so I can't believe it is
>so hard to find a v6 firewall. 

You can download an IPv6 firewall for Windows XP from here:


if your a Windows user and not a Linux user.  IPv6 will be
integrated into Server 2008 and is already in Vista.

Earthlink produced IPv6 firmware for the  Linksys WRT54G you
can fetch from here:


if your definition of a firewall is that of a toy for the home,
not a real commercial-quality box.


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