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On 10/24/07, Edward Lewis <Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz> wrote:
> At 16:33 +0000 10/24/07, bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com wrote:
> >       but there is no hegonomy in operational scope... is there?
> You make it sound like "hegemony" is a bad thing.  According to m-w.com:


Hegemony leads to stability but it also leads to stagnation.
Competition yeilds innovation. Policy which obstructs competition also
obstructs innovation. This means that policy which prevents small
operators from competing is bad (or at least unfortunate) policy.

> Sometimes the 800 $unit_of_weight gorilla does know better through experience.
> And sometimes the gorilla just wants more bananas for itself.

Folks in our industry should never forget that the early deployments
of 300 baud modems had to be shoved down the 800 lb gorilla's throat.
Ma Bell didn't much like the idea of devices she didn't make being
connected to her network nor did she like the idea of selling those
devices instead of leasing them. She predicted dire consequences,
maybe even the collapse of the telephone network, if any random
vendor's device could be plugged in.

And when told by the courts that she was damn well going to do it
anyway, she figured out how to make it work after all.

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