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>>>>> "David" == David S Madole <david at omd3.com> writes:
    David> As Ted pointed out recently, there is currently a
    David> disincentive for legacy holders to implement IPv6 at all
    David> versus dragging out IPv4 as long as they can.

  There are no obvious carrots for IPv6, only sticks against IPv4.

    David> One simple way to remove this disincentive would be to offer
    David> IPv6 addresses to legacy holders on the same terms as their
    David> IPv4 addresses, or maybe not the same but something that
    David> removes or lessens the disincentive.

  From what I understand, IPv4 RSA holders already have access to IPv6
PI space.   I am curious to know what the distribution of legacy IPv4
holder are: how many /24s, how many /16s, etc?
  I think that the many multitude of /24s, probably don't need more than
a /48, and there are many ways to get that.  Of the /16s and /8 legacy
holders, I would think that getting IPv6 PI space directly would be
easy.  Likely the biggest hurdles they have for getting IPv6 deployed is

    David> Taking this point a little further, it's largely the legacies
    David> that got IPv4 to take off and got the Internet built, they
    David> could be the ones to do the same for IPv6 too perhaps if
    David> given an incentive rather than a disincentive.

  Just make IPv6 space as easy to get as IPv4 was back in 1988.

    David> After all, even ARIN, who should be leading the way I would
    David> think, isn't even offering whois on IPv6 yet as far as I can
    David> tell, even though RIPE has been doing so for almost five
    David> years.

  I didn't know there was no whois yet.

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