[ppml] IPv6 assignment - proposal for change to nrpm

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Mon Oct 22 17:40:03 EDT 2007

At 15:56 -0400 10/22/07, Leo Bicknell wrote:
>>In a message ... michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:
>>  What is NPOG. I went to www.arin.net and used the site search but came
>>  up with nothing.
>The BoT, Staff, and the AC are all providing some input into such
>a document.  I don't know that the final form or contents have
>been decided yet.

FWIW, I hadn't heard the term either until the member meeting.  But I 
faintly recall hearing the idea bandied about.  In the vein of open 
and transparent work of the AC, here are two links I found when 
searching the ARIN site:


And this I couldn't resist replying to:

At 21:06 +0100 10/22/07, <michael.dillon at bt.com> wrote:
>If you live in a desert,

Like Albuquerque?
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