[ppml] Policy Proposal 2007-21: PIv6 for legacy holders with

David S. Madole david at omd3.com
Thu Oct 18 14:16:04 EDT 2007

> From: "Scott Beuker" <scott.beuker at sjrb.ca>
> I oppose the policy proposal because all it really serves to do
> is grandfather the special treatment of legacy IPv4 space holders
> into the IPv6 world. I was very much looking forward to the fresh
> start IPv6 offered, where everyone would qualify for their
> address space on the same merits as everyone else.

As Ted pointed out recently, there is currently a disincentive for legacy
holders to implement IPv6 at all versus dragging out IPv4 as long as they

One simple way to remove this disincentive would be to offer IPv6
addresses to legacy holders on the same terms as their IPv4 addresses, or
maybe not the same but something that removes or lessens the disincentive.

I am sure that concept will be thoroughly rebuffed for purely political
reasons. That's ok with me, as I am not advocating for it here, just
pointing it out as an effective solution to that problem, if anyone even
considers it to be a problem as Ted does.

Taking this point a little further, it's largely the legacies that got
IPv4 to take off and got the Internet built, they could be the ones to do
the same for IPv6 too perhaps if given an incentive rather than a

After all, even ARIN, who should be leading the way I would think, isn't
even offering whois on IPv6 yet as far as I can tell, even though RIPE has
been doing so for almost five years.


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