[ppml] IPv6 PI to legacy IPv4 holders

briand at ca.afilias.info briand at ca.afilias.info
Thu Oct 18 13:37:23 EDT 2007

> On 10/18/07, briand at ca.afilias.info <briand at ca.afilias.info> wrote:
>> I think you are concerned about *requiring* ASNs; my proposal addresses
>> on the additional *ability* to get PI IPv6 for orgs that don't qualify
>> under
>> other criteria.
>> Under the conditions you describe, do those orgs not qualify either
>> under
>> existing policy, or based on the proposed "legacy + efficient
>> utilization"
>> policy?
> Brian,
> Orgs efficiently using private AS numbers would qualify for IPv6 PI
> under 2007-21. As I understand your suggested modification, they would
> not qualify since they don't hold an ARIN assigned AS number.

My intention is to add an "else-if" condition, not an "and" condition.
If they qualify, I don't propose any change to them qualifying.

It is only if they didn't *otherwise* qualify, that this would be another
way to qualify.


> They
> would qualify for an AS number so they could get that first and then
> get IPv6 PI space, but why make an extra hurdle and spend an extra AS
> number with extra record-keeping?
> Regards,
> Bill Herrin
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