[ppml] IPv6 PI to legacy IPv4 holders

briand at ca.afilias.info briand at ca.afilias.info
Thu Oct 18 12:58:29 EDT 2007

I propose adding one additional condition under which an organization
would be eligible for receiving an IPv6 PI allocation from ARIN:

The organization currently has been assigned an ASN and is actively using it.

The rationale is, if an organization has an ASN, they are actively
involved in multihoming, which is the one situation under which current PA
assignment would not meet the needs of the organization.

Regardless of whether they meet the other current requirements, in order
to encourage IPv6 adoption, these organizations are most likely to be able
to immediately use their allocations, since they are fundamentally
independent of their upstream providers (by way of originating their
prefixes from their own AS).

Such an organization would, in fact, be able to use different/new IPv6
transit providers, if their current IPv4 transit providers were not IPv6
dual-stacked already.

Conversely, if such an organization's upstreams were not IPv6 already,
they would not be able to start using IPv6 (native) until their
upstream(s) went IPv6.

If ARIN is interested in encouraging IPv6 adoption, extending IPv6 PI
allocations to all organizations that have an actively used ASN, is the
most logical way to pursue that interest.

Brian Dickson

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