[ppml] Policy Proposals 2007-18 and -23

briand at ca.afilias.info briand at ca.afilias.info
Thu Oct 18 12:47:30 EDT 2007

>> It is basically, split the last of the pie fairly, when the
>> smallest piece is big enough to "eat".
> No, this is basically split the pie UNFAIRLY using some complex formula
> which nobody can understand.

Are you claiming you don't understand the formula?

Or are you putting words in the mouths of every other ARIN member, none
of which have yet commented on the understandability of the formula?

I asked that anyone who had trouble understanding the proposal, to ask for
clarification on any and all parts of the proposal.

You haven't asked for any clarifications, so either you are blindly
rejecting it because it is different from current policy, or for no reason
at all acting as a nay-sayer.

If you are interested in understanding the proposal, please ask questions
that will get you to the point of understanding it.

> Instead of the current level playing field
> that everyone understands, you have a new, poorly understood
> calculation, which will likely be to the benefit of some organizations
> and to the detriment of others. This is completely unfair.

The calculation, per my proposal, only needs to be understood by and
agreed upon by the RIRs. If the RIRs agree it is fair, then they will
use the calculation.

The policy, independent of the specific calculation, it that each RIR
gets enough space through the run-out date, so that all RIRs run out at
the same time.

I do not understand how that is not "fair", or how you interpret this
to not be fair. Perhaps you could explain how you perceive this as unfair?

The current policies are fair only under the assumption that more address
space is available for all RIRs - a situation which exists today but
will not exist at some point in the future.

The exact point in time where that happens, *is* the trigger point for
my policy as proposed (ammended today).

> Currently we give out addresses based on demonstrated technical need for
> them. Why should we ever change this?

IANA does not give out addresses. It gives out blocks of addresses to RIRs.
The proposed policy is independent of how RIRs give out addresses, which
will continue to be based on demonstrated technical need for them.
We should not ever change this.


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