[ppml] Global Policy Update v2.

Roque Gagliano rgaglian at antel.net.uy
Tue Oct 16 14:05:22 EDT 2007

I wanted to let you people know a change on the proposal that I will  
be presenting at tomorrow's meeting.

After we held discussions on all the five RIRs we decided that we  
needed to re-visit the size of the last allocation from IANA to the  
RIRs. We are now proposing setting the last allocation size on two  
(2) /8s. That means change N to N=2 in our policy text.

The rationale behind this text is:
	- N=2 is the current "gentlemen" agreement for allocations between  
RIRs, so setting N=2 can be considered as a "allocation".
	- no important address piling in any RIR so, discourage for RIR  
	- no significant push forward for the last allocation date (probably  
4 to 6 months) from IANA to RIRs.
	- enough address space to adopt conservative policies at RIR that  
decides to do so.
	- We believe it addresses the legal concerns from the ARIN counsel.


Roque Gagliano
rgaglian at antel.net.uy

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