[ppml] Posting of Legacy RSA and FAQ

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>Can you explain
>the decision that a different RSA will never be offered to legacy holders?

I explained this already and I don't understand why people have such a
difficult time with this concept but here goes.

There's currently one RSA covering new or additonal requests.

The Legacy holders (probably rightly) felt that it was not to their
advantage to sign that.  They made that known.  The non-Legacy holders
had sympathy and a lot (probably most, we shall see) are somewhat
supportive of a grandfathering approach.  ARIN embodied this with
an outreach for a "special" RSA for legacy
holders.  ARIN will not label this RSA as complete until they have it in
a form that a number of legacy holders like, and are willing to sign.
(otherwise, there would be no point to releasing it)

Once the "special" RSA is done, and signed by many legacy holders,
the legacy holders that didn't sign it will now be facing 2 groups.

The first group will be the non-Legacy holders who had sympathy to
putting out a special RSA.  This group will be having a hard time
understanding why the Legacy holders who didn't sign the legacy RSA
are still arguing over it - after having given them a chance to help
edit it.  The second group will be the Legacy holders who have
signed the special RSA.  This group will be having a hard time understanding
why the Legacy holders who are still arguing are considering themselves
better than they are.

Face with this, I highly doubt that the Legacy holders still arguing
will be able to engender any sympathy from either group.  I think you
would be extremely hard pressed to find a scenario in human history where
a group that didn't even try participating in a peacemaking session
that many of their peers did participate in, had any credibility left
when the session was over and accomodations were worked out.


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