[ppml] Posting of Legacy RSA and FAQ

David S. Madole david at omd3.com
Mon Oct 15 17:17:53 EDT 2007

> From "Ted Mittelstaedt" <tedm at ipinc.net>:
> See here.  The non-legacy community doesen't have infinite patience
> in dealing with you.  The legacy RSA that is coming up for discussion is
> the paying communities attempt to accomodate your desires.  You don't
> like it, well frankly not all of us like it either.  You can choose to
> participate in the discussion to try to make the legacy RSA proposal
> more to your liking or not.
> This legacy RSA proposal is going to be the last offer your going to
> get.  Once it's complete - in whatever form it ends up in - your going
> to see a number of legacy holders
> sign it.  If you don't, fine - but the community isn't going to have
> the patience to come out with yet one more, different version of a legacy
> RSA that is more to your liking - not only is there no patience for
> it, but the existing legacy holders that end up signing this, who
> do decide to participate, are going to feel cheated if the community
> continues catering to you.  We - the paying community - aren't going to
> screw over the legacy holders that DO decide to come in and play with
> the rest of us and sign this RSA.  So, there won't be another legacy
> RSA offered to you again.

Thanks, Ted, for this enlighting and authoritative information as to the
workings of ARIN. But I am left with some confusion about your role in
this decision making process or as spokesperson.

I've looked at the:

   Board of Trustees: http://www.arin.net/about_us/bot.html

   Advisory Council: http://www.arin.net/about_us/ac.html

   NRO Number Council: http://www.arin.net/about_us/nronc.html

and I can't find your name. Can you explain your role in the process and
the decision that a different RSA will never be offered to legacy holders?
In fact, in the whole of the arin.net website I can't find your name
except in the archives of the PPML mailing list. I am sure I am just
overlooking an important committee listing somewhere though.

I am also trying to figure out how the "paying community" has a more
significant a role in this than anyone else. In my readings of ARIN
policies and information I only really find reference to a "community" in
general, which appears to mean basically anyone who has an interest in the
work of ARIN, whether they pay them anything or not. Perhaps by "paying
community" you mean "members", in which case it appears that your input is
through electing the Board of Trustees and Advisory Council:


I have been under the impression through statements of some of the current
members of the Board of Trustees that input from all of the community is
considered in making decisions, not just that from members or the "paying
community". Again, the error is probably on my side and I am just
misinterpreting things.

David Madole

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