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Dean Anderson dean at av8.net
Sun Oct 14 17:32:14 EDT 2007

On 14 Oct 2007, Paul Vixie wrote:

> randy at psg.com (Randy Bush) writes:
> > to be clear, no one's lawyer, who has half a clue, will advise them to
> > enter into this contract, section 9 being the poster child.
> that just ain't so, and i know the lawyer in question.
> while i did not keep ISC's interests in mind during the drafting of this
> RSA, i do plan to have ISC enter into this contract as soon as it's
> executable.  i guess this means i consider the contract to be in the best
> interests of both ARIN and ISC, or that it memorializes the agreement i
> thought these two parties were already (informally) in, or perhaps both.

As far as I can tell, by implication of the procedures and dates, ISC
does not have (should not have) any legacy allocations that haven't
already been converted to RSA,

I found 6 allocations for ISC (ISC-NET[1-6]) comprising 12 different
blocks totaling 76,544 IP addresses.  That's a lot of IP addresses for a
company that claims not to be in the internet service business.  These
blocks were all updated on October 5th, 2004, presumably to effect the
ORG name change.

On the premise that the blocks have a different name, I looked at our
BGP view to see what blocks originate in AS1280, AS3557, AS27312,
AS27322, AS30130, AS30131, AS30132 AS33072, AS33074, and AS33075. 

BTW, can you explain why there are no ARIN records for AS27322, AS30130,
or AS30131? These are in ARIN AS Blocks. RADB has records that point to
ISC, and ISC Address blocks originate from these AS numbers.  [More
unusual record-keeping problems for ARIN BoT Members related to RADB,
too. tsk.tsk.]

There are a number of corporations that might be known as "ISC":

  950 Charter Street, Redwood City, CA 94043

INTERNET SYSTEMS CONSORTIUM, INC, Delaware non-profit, 2003
  (no address available)

  950 Charter Street, Redwood City, CA 94043

INTERNET SYSTEMS CORPORATION, Delaware general (for profit) 2005
  (no address available)

  950 Charter Street, Redwood City, CA 94043

Quite a complicated web of incorporation activity. Only one is a 501(c)3
non-profit. Which one is that?  How do you distinguish the for-profit
ISC from the non-profit ISC? (this distinction seems very questionable
to me. I thought one wasn't allowed to mix non-profit and for-profit

It is my understanding that changing the ORG name of a block requires an
RSA.  So, since ISC changed the ORG name in 2004, that would require a
new contract, and so ISC must be subject to the RSA for those 6 blocks.

Maybe you mean the Palo Alto Unified School District's /17? That appears 
like it could be a legacy block.

Or maybe you mean the PSI block 154.17/16 that is originated by ISC on 
AS3557.  That doesn't seem to belong to ISC, but it looks like it might 
be a legacy block. 

There are some other probably legacies associate with ISC, originated by 

Carl Malamud's TRYSTERO block (Malamud was an ISC founder)
Brian Reid's BKR-HOME-NET block.
City of Palo Alto NETBLK-PA-CITY-NET block

And now that I look into it, you also have several blocks that aren't 

              ,           1024 nit
              ,          512 nit
                         256 nit

I imagine those can go back to ARIN, right?


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