[ppml] Posting of Legacy RSA and FAQ

Jeffrey Schiller jis at MIT.EDU
Sun Oct 14 16:09:31 EDT 2007

Disclaimer: I work for MIT, the holder of "Legacy" address space
(including a /8). That said, I am speaking here as an individual and
not a representative of MIT (though I can speak from the experience of
operating MIT's network for > 20 years).

Looking over the Legacy RSA I see if addresses two different goals:

1. Arrange for "Legacy" holders receiving services from ARIN (WHOIS,
   Reverse DNS) to enter into an agreement with ARIN and to pay their
   fair share for the services rendered.

2. Arrange for Legacy holders to "acknowledge" ARIN as their
   registration agent and to bring their assignments under ARIN's
   policies (albeit with a few extra privileges).

The current legacy RSA mixes these two goals, and as others have
pointed out, it has more then a few issues associated with it.

I would propose that ARIN consider yet another legacy RSA which only
deals with [1] above. It doesn't go into address assignment issues at
all (though it may require that the applicant assert that they are a
legacy holder and demonstrate it in some way).

I suggest that such an agreement would be a much easier sell and would
get more organizations into the ARIN "tent". This would have the
benefit that it would not only bring in some more revenue for ARIN
(and address some of people's fairness concerns about who is paying
for providing WHOIS and Reverse DNS services) it would also improve
the communities records of who all of the legacy holders are. Last
time I checked (albeit a while ago) there wasn't a good way to update
information in ARIN's database unless you signed an RSA. The upshot of
this is that there may well be stale information that would be updated
if organizations could sign an RSA that didn't deal with [2].


Jeffrey I. Schiller
MIT Network Manager
Information Services and Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue  Room W92-190
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
617.253.0161 - Voice
jis at mit.edu
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