[ppml] Posting of Legacy RSA and FAQ

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Oct 14 01:29:08 EDT 2007

> Almost of all the terms parallel the existing RSA agreement, only
> with the addition of recognition that policies shall not diminish
> existing right and privileges of a legacy holder

oh?  then what is section 9?  yes, arin may not think the holder has
such rights.  but if that was really the case, why would arin make
relinquishing them part of the contract?

> nor shall ARIN take action or reduce services as a result of unused 
> legacy space.

then why does it demand contractual right to audit?

> Sorry... thanks for the reference (and I now realize your original
> point that holder must xxx or else, but nowhere does it say ARIN must
> YY or else)


> It's not as clearly spelt out, but in 14(c) there's termination if
> ARIN breaches the agreement and doesn't cure after 30 days.

where is holder given 30 days to cure?  see lack of parallel respect?


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