[ppml] [arin-announce] Legacy RSA

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Fri Oct 12 15:33:24 EDT 2007

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>They will have value as long as ISPs are willing to take money to route
>their traffic.  There is no reason to think ISPs will turn down
>their money
>in the forseeable future.

Of course - but what about their upstreams, and their other upstreams,
and so on?

My traceroute to this very mailing list server passes through a couple of
networks that I don't pay money to directly.  I'm sure as long as I'm paying
my feeds I'll be able to route whatever I want through them.  But, I doubt
it is going to go more and a hop or so and I won't be able to compel
those other neworks to carry my obsolete traffic if they don't want to.

The Internet isn't a fuedal system and I think a few people are going to
figure that out to their distress in the not too distant future.


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