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Michael Thomas - Mathbox mike at mathbox.com
Fri Oct 12 14:29:55 EDT 2007

First let me state that I am not a legacy holder.

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> > That's a pretty good deal.  I wish I could get it in my 
> contract that
> >my rights would never be lessened even if policy changed.
> >
> Kevin, don't forget ARIN defines legacy holders as IPv4 holders.
> IPve ONLY.  In ARIN's definitions, there is no such thing as an
> "IPv6 Legacy Holder"
> I'll be happy to write you a contract that states unequiocably that
> you have permanent, perpetual rights in how to configure any one
> of a box of Latticenet cards I happened to see in a junk store
> a couple years ago. ;-)  Or maybe Arcnet cards?  ;-) ;-)
> My only concern with the "Legacy RSA" is that somewhere 
> within it, there
> is a statement that the term "Legacy holder" means "IPv4 only holder"
> That way there is no chance in the future that some court could
> misinterpret the contract and use it to extend over IPv6 assignments.
> This really comes down to your position on moving to IPv6.  The
> official word is that IPv4 runout is a fact, and that IPv6 will
> replace it.  There are, unfortunately, a lot of people out there
> (like Dean) who apparently think that they can manipulate the system
> into making the Internet some sort of permanent shared IPv4/IPv6
> environment - if that were to happen, the assignments of the Legacy
> holders would become a permanent, unpaid, drag on the Internet.

You do not consider the free 900,000+ /24 held by Xtra Large members unpaid,
drag on the Internet?

> But in the last analysis, the so called "rights of the (IPv4) Legacy
> holders" are only of value as long as the rest of us continue to keep
> routing their legacy traffic - ie: their IPv4 traffic.  Ask yourself,
> what is a reasonable expectation as to how long the rest of 
> the Internet
> will be willing to continue to do this, before telling the Legacy
> holders (and, indeed, ALL IPv4 holders) that they must switch to IPv6.
> That is the true length of time that these so called "rights" 
> will have
> any actual value.
> Ted
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