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> That's a pretty good deal.  I wish I could get it in my contract that
>my rights would never be lessened even if policy changed.

Kevin, don't forget ARIN defines legacy holders as IPv4 holders.
IPve ONLY.  In ARIN's definitions, there is no such thing as an
"IPv6 Legacy Holder"

I'll be happy to write you a contract that states unequiocably that
you have permanent, perpetual rights in how to configure any one
of a box of Latticenet cards I happened to see in a junk store
a couple years ago. ;-)  Or maybe Arcnet cards?  ;-) ;-)

My only concern with the "Legacy RSA" is that somewhere within it, there
is a statement that the term "Legacy holder" means "IPv4 only holder"
That way there is no chance in the future that some court could
misinterpret the contract and use it to extend over IPv6 assignments.

This really comes down to your position on moving to IPv6.  The
official word is that IPv4 runout is a fact, and that IPv6 will
replace it.  There are, unfortunately, a lot of people out there
(like Dean) who apparently think that they can manipulate the system
into making the Internet some sort of permanent shared IPv4/IPv6
environment - if that were to happen, the assignments of the Legacy
holders would become a permanent, unpaid, drag on the Internet.

But in the last analysis, the so called "rights of the (IPv4) Legacy
holders" are only of value as long as the rest of us continue to keep
routing their legacy traffic - ie: their IPv4 traffic.  Ask yourself,
what is a reasonable expectation as to how long the rest of the Internet
will be willing to continue to do this, before telling the Legacy
holders (and, indeed, ALL IPv4 holders) that they must switch to IPv6.
That is the true length of time that these so called "rights" will have
any actual value.


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