[ppml] Proposal for the creation of a working group.

Raul Echeberria raul at lacnic.net
Fri Oct 12 09:55:29 EDT 2007

At 02:49 a.m. 12/10/2007, Martin Hannigan wrote:

>Could be perceived as an attempt to manipulate regional

I don't think so.

>  Are you asking for the RIR's to officially sanction
>this? Or as you just asking for volunteers?

I think that the WG could be composed by people 
with relevant roles in their region's PDP, like 
policy chairs or Advisory group members.
I don't think it needs an official sanction.

>If it's the latter, and you are suggesting that whatever
>came out of such a thing would have to still traverse the
>ARIN PDP and ICANN MoU/Attachment global policy process,

That's exactly what i propose.

>this sounds just fine to me.



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