[ppml] Proposal for the creation of a working group.

Raul Echeberria raul at lacnic.net
Fri Oct 12 09:45:41 EDT 2007

Dear all:

Just to clarify.
There have been many interesting comments about 
the Global Policy Development Process, and I 
think that those comments could be the basis for 
a revision of that process, but I am not 
proposing now to develop a global policy.

IMO at some point, the RIRs have to start to 
apply different criteria for allocating IPv4 
addresses. In fact, we have already seen some proposals like David's one.
The problem that I see is that it will be 
difficult that some RIRs adopt that kind of 
policies if the others don't do that.
So, the working group would analyze the issue 
from a multiregional perspective  (I am avoinding 
to use the word "global") and conclude if a 
common proposal could be presented in every 
region or different policy proposal for each 
region , but based in the same concept and aiming 
the same objective, would be more appropriate.

The proposal or proposals should go later trhough 
each regional PDP, so this WG would not be an 
intereference with the currently established PDPs.

As John commmented in his mail, the goal is to 
increase the probability of approval of the WG 
suggestions and get all the RIRs moving in the 
same direction with exactly the same policies or not.


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