[ppml] Elections (Re: ARIN IP conservation and FREE IP Addresses)

Eric Ziegast ez at zoovy.com
Wed Oct 10 19:46:29 EDT 2007

David Conrad wrote:
> Where are these ARIN meetings in which these "hundreds if not  
> thousands" of companies are participating?  The ARIN meetings I go to  
> (and the e-mail discussions I see) have the same few dozen of people,  
> most of which are funded by their very large corporations to attend  
> said meetings.
As a member of ARIN lurking from a small corner of the Internet,
I'd like to remind other members that they should make sure they're
registered to vote and encourage them to participate in any upcoming
elections (mid-late October?).


Also, members should look at simulcast info before the Albuquerque
meeting if they can't attend.


David continues:
> I will also note that it is the very large corporations who have the  
> lawyers who can pummel ARIN into the ground if policies change in a  
> way they don't particularly like (regardless of the merit or legality  
> of those changes).  Welcome to business in the USA...
Team ARIN!  Help us!  Cili Rool is sending in the lawyers!

Would a legal defense fund be a good place to stash that extra
IPV4 renewal money?  ;^)

Eric Ziegast

PS: Hi, y'all!

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