[ppml] [arin-discuss] Legacy Legal Defense Fund and Legacy Registry

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Wed Oct 10 15:52:09 EDT 2007

Hello Dean:

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> On Wed, 10 Oct 2007, Owen DeLong wrote:
> > Defense from what?
> Defense from ARIN, if it decides there are no legal obligations to
> Legacies.
I thought we had already established that there is no legal obligation
today, let alone moving forward.  The services provided by ARIN for
legacy address holders are based upon a "moral" obligation agreed upon
in principal when ARIN was first formed.

> > As to an alternate registry, I think such an action is very
> > and unnecessary.
> That's why we investigate the option. Its never premature to
> investigate
> the options.
> Having a separate registry certainly solves the problem of
> continuing to want to impose new rules on Legacies.  And it solves the
> continuing problem of non-legacy's complaining about having to pay for
> legacy services.
> Some of ARINs resources would be transferred to the Legacy Registry in
> order to severe and terminate ARIN's obligations, probably a
> significant
> chunk of ARIN surplus, whois software, etc.  An annuity on say,
> $15million, would probably fund a Legacy registry forever, since the
> Legacy's don't impose a significant burden on changes and there are no
> new legacy's.  Its a fixed cost operation. In-addr.arpa is already
> merged from several registry's.  And then provide electronic whois
> services.
> It looks like a pretty good idea so far.

If a separate registry was formed, it seems to me that the funding for
this registry would be accounted for from within the membership, i.e.
the legacy address holders participating in the registry.  I can't think
of a reason why ARIN would be responsible for these costs.  As a Member,
it concerns me that the legacy holders only pay $100.00 into the
coffers, although I understand the reasoning.  Having my contributed
dollars allocated to a registry that I will never use doesn't seem like
an appropriate use of funds.  Then again, you don't approve of the 50k
going to NANOG and I do, so to each his own.

> > I also think that it would be unlikely to succeed or get buy-in from
> > IANA or DOC, whichever one you choose to believe has theoretical
> > control of said address space.
> If the Legacy community decides it wants to have its own registry. I
> don't know why IANA (a DoC function performed under contract by ICANN)
> or DoC would object to their wishes.

Only one way to know.



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