[ppml] [arin-discuss] Legacy Legal Defense Fund and Legacy Registry

Steve Bertrand steveb at eagle.ca
Wed Oct 10 14:54:13 EDT 2007

> Further, I believe
> that support for that includes the idea that both of those things should
> be voluntary on the part of the legacy holder, although there are some
> who support a policy of terminating WHOIS and RDNS services for
> legacy holders who do not sign up within some time period.
> Frankly, I'd oppose the idea of terminating such services.

The only way termination would be fair IMHO, would be in a case where a
legacy holder applied for additional address space (be it v6 or v4) and
was eventually caught having lied about holding any legacy space on the

Perhaps the application templates should have an implicit 'List any
legacy IP address space you currently control, whether in use or not'
under the justification section, in addition to the current 'Indicate
all IP addresses in use in your network today'?


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