[ppml] Global Policy Updata

Roque Gagliano rgaglian at antel.net.uy
Tue Oct 9 09:24:30 EDT 2007

Randy, I should have said a majority was reached at APNIC and  
consensus at AFRINIC.


>> - APNIC, there was consensus that a global policy for the allocation
>> of the remaining IPv4 space such as this one was needed. Not
>> consensus on the size that allocation or the text.
> i suspect that a careful reading of the minutes or transcription would
> show that
>   o consensus was *not* reached that such a proposal was needed
>   o consensus *was* reached that, if such a proposal was needed that
>     one /8 per rir was the appropriate number
> randy, co-chair apnic policy sig but speaking without consulting other
> chairs and without coffee and before 06:00

Roque Gagliano
rgaglian at antel.net.uy

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