[ppml] ARIN IP conservation and FREE IP Addresses

William Herrin arin-contact at dirtside.com
Sun Oct 7 02:48:49 EDT 2007

On 10/7/07, Jason Schiller <schiller at uu.net> wrote:
> Just for the record I was referring to Verizon Business... AS701
> (UUNET) which does not charge for IP addresses (not for business customer,
> When you refer to Verizon you are likely talking about AS19262 Verizon
> Internet Services (VIS).  They are completely seperate networks run by
> This is not a stunt.  The data centers are managed as a separate network
> with a separate AS, and due to route aggregation policies, your data
> center /26 would not route correctly.  People sometimes have to renumber
> when they change networks... and yes that is painful.
> Just so you know the same would happen for longer than /24s from one
> continent being moved to another (Say UUNET North America and UUNET
> Asia-Pacific)


Given this behavior, legacy registrants should, for your sake, give up
their underutilized address blocks?

Those route aggregation policies are strictly internal to the Verizon
empire. Your company set them entirely on its own. No technical
limitation prevents you from routing any Verizon address on down to a
/32 anywhere within the empire that is Verizon. Certainly nothing
stops Verizon from moving addresses 20 miles within the same US state.

I'll bet you run the Ashburn data center as a separate AS. It provides
you with the largest obstruction possible against anyone moving out.

The next time folks on this list get to discussing provider
independent address space, I'll pull this post back out. I think it
beautifully illustrates real-world customer abuse which occurs as a
consequence of too much emphasis on provider aggregatable space.

> Yes, I agree it would be great if the "Local Internet Registries" did not
> charge for IP addresses (with them not being property and all), and that
> is why Verizon Business (UUNET) doesn't.  I can't speak for any other LIRs
> (including Verizon Internet Services (VIS).

Would you then support a dual fee structure? One for LIRs which change
their service prices based on the number of IP addresses assigned to a
customer and a second for LIRs which don't?

Bill Herrin

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