[ppml] ARIN IP conservation and FREE IP Addresses

Michael Sinatra michael at rancid.berkeley.edu
Sat Oct 6 19:39:45 EDT 2007

Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:

> This isn't a moral judgement, it's simple economics.  As long
> as an organization is profit-making, it *must* act that way,
> or face shareholder suits if it acts to protect community
> interests instead of its own monetary interests.  That's just
> how the system works.

What about organizations that don't make a profit by design?  What about 
EDUs, K-12s, regional and state networks, research networks, non-profit 
research organizations and national networks like Internet2, ESNet, NLR, 
etc.?  Your economic model rests on the assumption that everyone makes a 
profit off of their IP addresses.  How are those that don't make any 
profit supposed to suddenly pay for the allocations they need?  Or, is 
PI space only to be assigned by ability to pay on an 
increasing-bracketed per-ip basis, rather than need?


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