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> >But John Doe (the living
> >one) should be able to plunk down his $100 and get an IP block,
> >irrespective aggregation issues.
> That's probably achievable with IPv6, as long as you don't care
> about being able to route the block. 

Well, lets examine that one. Lets see $1250 per /48 * 2 ^ 80 = ***** ooops,
my calculator just overflowed and dumped its guts on the floor.

> With IPv4, we've got some issues with unconnected networks
> stranding otherwise badly needed addresses and came up with
> these great RFC 1918 addresses for private network which can
> be used for *free*, and won't even conflict with any publicly
> assigned IPv4 address.

Yes, everybody I know uses RFC 1918 space. RFC 1918 space has its place.

> In either case, if you want address space that your ISP will
> route, then you need to ask your ISP for the assignment.
> Which scenario is your John Doe upset about?

Neither I nor anyone I know is upset. However, I have been lurking on this
list for months now. For whatever reason, some of the conversations struck a
nerve, but I certainly hope I haven't sounded upset. You could tag me with
contentious or argumentative without bothering me. :)

I believe that there is still room for small entrepreneurial companies on
the internet who could need IP addresses. My position is that many of the
rules that people are proposing are simply more barricades to entry. It is
much harder to remove a rule than it is to make one.

Michael Thomas
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