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David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Fri Oct 5 19:00:55 EDT 2007


On Oct 5, 2007, at 12:44 PM, Michael Thomas - Mathbox wrote:
> Second, much of this discussion irks me to no end. Rules, rules,  
> rules,
> raise more barriers. Between government rules and regulations,  
> forms to
> file, taxes to report, and _all_ of the proposed ARIN rules, how  
> does an one
> start a small business in this industry? One would need a staff of  
> tens,
> just to deal with the paperwork.

TANSTAAFL.  The Internet community long ago decided that the  
appropriate way to manage address resources was to impose  
administrative constraints to impose control over the allocation of  
address space (that is, "to each according to need").  In order to  
maintain that control in the face of decreased availability, either  
the administrative burden must increase or some other constraint must  
be imposed.  Since the most obvious constraint is politically  
infeasible (at least for now), we're left with more red tape.  Of  
course, the other option would be loosen control, but that would  
almost certainly result in a "run on the bank".  Pick your poison...

Note that obtaining IPv6 address space is much less administratively  


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