[ppml] IPv4 Soft Landing -DiscussionandSupport/Non-SupportRequested

Michael Thomas - Mathbox mike at mathbox.com
Fri Oct 5 17:52:12 EDT 2007

> Then why are you on this mailing list? The purpose of the PPML list is
> to discuss the rules so that is why there is so much discussion of
> rules. This is as it should be.


I am on the list and remain on the list, because:

1. I am a dues paying member. Got the rule book, the card, and every thing

2. It seems obvious to me that the list needs balance and I think it is my
duty as a member to provide that balance.

3. I think some of the proposed rules are simply not needed, not going to
accomplish the stated task, and not useful except as a barricade

4. I believe that it is the duty of ARIN to manage internet number
resources. I believe ARIN gets the authority to do that through common
consensus and only through common consensus, because the alternative would
be chaos.

5. I do not believe ARIN should be involved in routing policy (meaning
aggregation). That does not mean that I think that ARIN should not plan
around aggregation. Aggregation is a technical issue not a poilcy issue and
should not impact any ARIN policy.

6. I think that I can provide IP services to my customers and save them the
hassle of getting and managing their own block of IP addresses. I also
firmly believe that anyone, including your customers and mine should be able
to request and be allocated an IP block with no more document resources
(figuratively) than are required to register a vehicle. I believe that
plunking down $100 and identity should get you an IP block. Finding someone
to route an IP block is block owner's problem. If owner is willing to pay
enough, someone will route it.

So Michael, why are you on this list?

Michael Thomas
1-877-MATHBOX (Toll Free)  

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