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michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Fri Oct 5 16:23:11 EDT 2007

> > better all by themselves. For instance a survey that requires the 
> > signature of the CFO will raise the profile of IP addressing in all 
> > organizations using IP addresses. Reporting could be designed
> CFO? 
> First, there are indivuals involved in this process. Does it 
> say somewhere in the ARIN charter that an individual cannot 
> request and receive IP resources?

Clearly, any requirement for the signature of a CFO would only apply to
an organization and not a natural person. In any case, ARIN has done a
lot to ensure that IP addresses are available to small organizations and
individuals. That's why ARIN policy allows end-sites to apply directly
to ARIN for provider independent IPv4 and IPv6 assignments.

> Second, much of this discussion irks me to no end. Rules, 
> rules, rules, raise more barriers. 

Then why are you on this mailing list? The purpose of the PPML list is
to discuss the rules so that is why there is so much discussion of
rules. This is as it should be.

> Between government rules 
> and regulations, forms to file, taxes to report, and _all_ of 
> the proposed ARIN rules, how does an one start a small 
> business in this industry? One would need a staff of tens, 
> just to deal with the paperwork.

Clearly you have never done this. I have personal experience with a
startup getting its first allocation and it took one person a few hours
over the course of a week. Most of the work was in documenting the
network, something which really should have been done earlier as good
business practice. The paperwork is minimal, there is an online course
you can follow on the ARIN website, or you can send email (or phone) to
the hostmasters for help and advice. If you have a real business and
aren't trying to hoard IP addresses just in case you start building a
network a year from now, then it is easy. On the other hand, if you have
nothing but a plan, i.e. no funding, no premises, no network equipment,
then you will find it darn near impossible to get addresses from ARIN.
The fundamental reason is that you don't have a technical need for
addresses until you are just about to start building your network.
That's when you apply for them, maybe two to three weeks in advance.

--Michael Dillon

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