[ppml] Counsel statement on Legacy assignments?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Thu Oct 4 19:26:27 EDT 2007

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>>On 10/4/07, Dean Anderson <dean at av8.com> wrote:
>> Holy context batman, that is quite a bit different than your statement.
>>I read all of Ryan's comments at

>I interpreted them to mean the following:

So did I

>1. ARIN has no legal standing to revoke or reissue legacy IP address
>2. ARIN has no legal obligation to provide Reverse DNS or WHOIS
>services for legacy IP address assignments.

>Besides Dean, is there anyone else who read Ryan's comments and
>interpreted them to mean something else?

Not me!

But, as the old SNL sketch ran "The Point is Moot!"

The legacy holders are all IPv4 and as we all know IPv4 is going
away in the future.  This is a self-correcting problem that will
disappear if ignored.  The only possible gain to removal of whois
records would be to free up IPv4 to delay the IPv4 runout date.
And what IPv4 requestor would be interested in a IPv4 block that
was once owned by a legacy holder who still regards themselves as
the rightful owner of that block, and is still advertising it.


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