[ppml] Counsel statement on Legacy assignments?

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Thu Oct 4 18:21:20 EDT 2007

Holy context batman, that is quite a bit different than your statement.

You also cut off the part where he says he hasn't thought about it much,
and the part where he notes 'the government gave away something without
any strings attached'.  That is an agreement with the government. So Mr.  
Ryan appears to have mis-spoken about some lack of agreement between the
government and legacy holders.

And you left off the part about:

"I've thought about whether I could ask the United States Congress for 
authority to have the government obtain back that which the government 
gave. I don't know if that's constitutional, actually. I mean, I've 
started to play with different theories here."

So the answer is that the ARIN Lawyer doesn't know.  ARIN hasn't offered
any definitive opinion as you assert. 

Please tell the IETF you were wrong.


On Thu, 4 Oct 2007, Stephen Sprunk wrote:

> Thus spake "Dean Anderson" <dean at av8.com>
> > "Counsel recently made a statement that it doesn't appear that
> > ARIN has any legal obligation to maintain registry services for
> > legacy assignments"
> >
> > Where is this counsel statement?
> http://www.arin.net/meetings/minutes/ARIN_XIX/ppm1_transcript.html#anchor_13
> "MR. RYAN: I've thought a little bit about what a stick might look like 
> here. So for example, it's very clear to me that denial of service by ARIN 
> is legally permitted. In other words, I don't believe we, as the non-profit 
> trying to carry out the community's wishes, have a duty to provide free 
> services for legacy address holders. And the denial of those free services 
> to legacy address holders pursuant to their lack of agreement is perfectly 
> permitted, in my judgment, as a matter of law."
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