[ppml] ripe-55/presentations/bush-ipv6-transition.pdf

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Fri Oct 26 02:48:48 EDT 2007

[ someone asked me privately ]

> Other than 1) Facilitating X.509 certification for resource holders, 
> and 2) Not creating a IPv6 ULA swamp, any other advice for the 
> RIR's?  (conspicuously absent on pg 53's Summary)

in that presentation (very similar to the one at nanog/abq), i did not
want to get into the trading and legacy debates.  the goal of the preso
was a bit lower in the stack.

but i personally feel that open market is the best course to flush out
and get registered the under-utilized space, whether legacy or not.

and, given a choice of
  o un/itu/... regulation
  o national government regulation
  o regulation by the rirs
  o an open market
i strongly suspect that the latter will produce as 'fair' a distribution
of resources as any of the former.  (remember, current arin distribution
has over three quarters of the resources going to just ten members.)

what is important is as open and transparent a marketplace as possible.
 the x.509-based rpki will make it a safe market, no one can sell you
something which they do not have the right to sell.  but something open
like an ebay will do a lot for keeping folk from getting ripped off on
price.  i doubt the rirs should be that marketplace, but perhaps rirs
encouraging or aiding its formation would be reasonable.


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