[ppml] Policy Proposal 2007-21: PIv6 for legacy holders with

Scott Beuker scott.beuker at sjrb.ca
Thu Oct 18 13:37:17 EDT 2007

I oppose the policy proposal because all it really serves to do
is grandfather the special treatment of legacy IPv4 space holders
into the IPv6 world. I was very much looking forward to the fresh
start IPv6 offered, where everyone would qualify for their
address space on the same merits as everyone else. No more
special treatment. Leave behind the legal mess and inequality
that legacy space created with IPv4. Don't grandfather IPv4's

There is not adequate reason here to:
  (a) add to the bloat of the IPv6 routing table
  (b) create inequity in conditions of qualification in IPv6
  (c) create a precedence of special treatment for IPv4 legacy
      space holders in the IPv6 world

If you voted in support of this proposal, why not take it all
the way and simply seek to loosen the requirements for IPv6
space such that EVERYONE of that size network can get space
(not just legacy IPv4 holders)? Sure, it will probably lead to
major problems in the DFZ down the road, but it would appear
to me that those who support this proposal don't consider or
care about such things anyway.

Thank you,
Scott Beuker

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