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Sun Oct 14 18:39:53 EDT 2007

Policy Proposal 2007-13
Removal of ISP Immediate Need from End-User

ARIN Staff Assessment

The assessment of this proposal includes comments from ARIN staff and
the ARIN General Counsel. It contains analysis of procedural, legal, and
resource concerns regarding the implementation of this policy proposal
as it is currently stated. Any changes to the language of the proposal
may necessitate further analysis by staff and Counsel.

I. Proposal

Policy Proposal is available as Annex A below and at:

II. Understanding of the proposal

ARIN staff understands that this proposal would remove NRPM Section
"4.3.4 Additional considerations" in order to remove text that conflicts
with Section " Immediate need".

III. Comments

   A. ARIN Staff

   If the immediate need clause is removed from this policy, then the
immediate need policy (Number Resource Policy Manual section
needs to be amended to provide for end users.  Otherwise, ARIN may not
be able to meet the needs of end users who have no current address space
in use.

   B. ARIN General Counsel

   No legal implications.

Resource Impact – Minimal

The resource impact of implementing this policy is viewed as minimum. 
Barring any unforeseen resource requirements, this policy could be 
implemented within 120 days from the date of the ratification of the
policy by the ARIN Board of Trustees.  It will require the following:

-  Updates to Guidelines will be required
-  Staff training will be required

Respectfully submitted,

Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)


Annex A

Policy Proposal 2007-13
Removal of ISP Immediate Need from End-User

Author: Rob Seastrom, David Williamson, Owen DeLong

Proposal type: delete

Policy term: permanent

Policy statement:

    Delete section 4.3.4, which reads:

    4.3.4. Additional considerations

    End-users may qualify for address space under other policies such as
Immediate need [] or Micro-allocation [4.4].

    from the NRPM.


    As discussed at ARIN XIX, section 4.3.4 creates a conflict with
section in that section specifically excludes end users
while section 4.3.4 is specifically for end users.

    Prior to the development of the multihoming policy for end users,
the immediate need policy was required in order to support end users
being able to get address space under some circumstances. The "immediate
need" title is a misnomer as it is more an issue of "initial need
without prior address utilization" than "immediate need".  Such initial
needs for end users are now addressed best through the multihoming policy.

Timetable for implementation: immediate

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