[ppml] [arin-discuss] Legacy Legal Defense Fund and Legacy Registry

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Oct 10 14:21:03 EDT 2007

Defense from what?

While there are a few people on the PPML and arin-discuss who have
suggested various forms of fee structures and such, but, there hasn't
been anything even close to consensus in favor of such a thing.

I believe that the majority of ARIN members support the idea of outreach
and desire to build a positive relationship with legacy holders working
towards a situation where legacy holders join the ARIN fold and there
is no longer a need for such a distinction.

Most legacy holders I talk to do not see the $100/year fee as a  
issue.  Most do not have a significant issue with the idea of an RSA  
preserves their status quo.  I think both are feasible and I believe  
is what the majority of the ARIN community supports.  Further, I believe
that support for that includes the idea that both of those things should
be voluntary on the part of the legacy holder, although there are some
who support a policy of terminating WHOIS and RDNS services for
legacy holders who do not sign up within some time period.

Frankly, I'd oppose the idea of terminating such services.

As to an alternate registry, I think such an action is very premature  
unnecessary.  I also think that it would be unlikely to succeed or get
buy-in from IANA or DOC, whichever one you choose to believe
has theoretical control of said address space.


On Oct 10, 2007, at 11:00 AM, Dean Anderson wrote:

> Some legacy's have emailed me off-list with interest in setting up a
> legal defense fund, and to investigate the idea of forming a new
> registry to handle legacy assignments.  I've started the work on  
> forming
> the defense fund. Legacy's can mail me directly for details.
> 		--Dean
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