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Wettling, Fred Fred.Wettling at Bechtel.com
Tue Nov 20 14:01:38 EST 2007

I agree with Scott that the PPLM should be a place where people feel
free to openly provide their perspectives and operate in unfiltered
"real time" mode to be of most value.  My point was that some
organizations may reached some internal decisions or positions based on
actual development and/or deployment experience with the topic that is
being debated *BEFORE* the topic was raised on the PPML.  PPML postings
that include organizational position provides some context that may be
of value to some of the participants, and perhaps not others.  I suggest
that relevant context (organizational or otherwise) be viewed as other
attributes used to explain the perspective of the individual making the
posting.  Is the horse dead?

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fred sed:
> PPML participants should consider that individuals speaking on behalf 
> of their organization may have gone through an internal vetting 
> process before posting a note.  This will often include internal 
> discussions/debates/education and an enterprise impact analysis of the

> policy proposal.

I hope that people participating in the ppml will generally feel free to
express their own opinions and that it is a rare case where everthing
must be vetted internally before posting is permitted - I think we will
lose much of the technical discussion if that becomes the norm

in any case - it is speifically not assumed by the BoT that people are
speaking for anyone but themselves and are speaking based on their own
thought processes


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