[ppml] IPv6 addressing, allocation, and subnets

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Sun Nov 18 16:59:22 EST 2007

> It is time to get with the CIDR program, not to advocate the 
> antiquated class-ful paradigm.

CIDR is IPv4. We are discussing IPv6 which is different.
If ARIN does not require LIRs to count hosts, and allows
LIRs to justify a /48 for every IPv6 site, then LIRs have
no restrictions which would prevent them from implementing
a miserly addressing plan such as you promote.

>From a policy point of view, the existing policy already
allows LIRs to do what you suggest. There is no need for
policy change.

>From an education point of view, ARIN should be following
the IETF's lead since they are the one's that created IPv6.

Note that ARIN does operate an IPv6 wiki at http://www.getipv6.info
and if you want to explain your addressing plan to everyone, 
you are free to create a page there. Just make it clear that
this is your recommendation, not that of the IETF. It would be
nice if more people would post pages outlining their IPv6 addressing
plans and how they arrived at their decisions.

--Michael Dillon

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