[ppml] Policy Proposal Name: IPv6 Assignment Size Reduction

Stacy Taylor ipgoddess at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 15:23:27 EST 2007

I agree with Stephen and Yuri AND Cort.

On Nov 14, 2007 11:33 AM, Stephen Sprunk <stephen at sprunk.org> wrote:
> Thus spake "Cort Buffington" <cort at kanren.net>
> > I agree completely with Yurie. This proposal only proves that the
> > policy-makers at ARIN are incapable of thinking in the IPv6
> > paradigm, and continue to think that IPv6 is IPv4 with larger
> > address space.
> A proposal is just that: a proposal.  More importantly, it's by an
> individual, and it's up to the rest of us "ARIN policy-makers", including
> you, to say whether we think it's a good or bad one.  The AC will determine
> whether there's consensus either way.
> Speaking for myself only, I think this proposal falls in the "bad" category
> for two main reasons.  The first is (as you note) that it's applying IPv4
> thinking inappropriately to IPv6; there is no shortage of bits to worry
> about in IPv6, and we shouldn't be trying to import the nightmares of subnet
> sizing, defeating one of IPv6's few advantages.  The second is that, based
> on comments at the recent meeting, it becamse clear to me that "guidelines"
> do not belong in the NRPM, only concrete requirements that staff can apply
> to requests; this proposal not only fails to fix that problem with
> but indeed makes it worse.
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