[ppml] Policy Proposal Name: IPv6 Assignment Size Reduction

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Wed Nov 14 13:25:31 EST 2007

> I agree completely with Yurie. This proposal only proves that 
> the policy-makers at ARIN are incapable of thinking in the 
> IPv6 paradigm, and continue to think that IPv6 is IPv4 with 
> larger address space.

I also agree with Yurie, however I disagree with you.

How would you feel if people went around saying that Cort Buffington is
incapable of thinking in the IPv6 paradigm and continues to think that
IPv6 is IPv4 with larger address space? Because that is precisely what
you *ARE* saying about Cort Buffington.

And you can trust me on this because I read it on the ARIN PPML and that
is a pretty authoritative source of information.

In case you don't quite get this variation on the pot calling the kettle
black, you, Cort Buffington are one of the ARIN policy-makers so any
slur that you cast on this group is a slur on yourself.

I'd also like to note that this is a proposal submitted by one
individual and does not reflect the views of ARIN policy-makers until it
has passed the gauntlet of this list, a members' meeting and an Advisory
Council meeting. To reiterate, I agree with Yurie that this policy is a
bad idea for many reasons and I don't think it is productive to list
them all.

--Michael Dillon

P.S. I tend to agree with you that there are too many people still stuck
in IPv4 thinking who just don't get IPv6 yet. But that is an education
problem more suitable to deal with on the ARIN IPv6 wiki at
http://www.getipv6.info than on PPML.

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