[ppml] Effects of explosive routing table growth on ISP behavior

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Tue Nov 6 10:18:14 EST 2007

Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> Perhaps I'm cynical, but I believe if the industry doesn't show more 
> leadership and self-regulation, we're going to end up regulated by 
> outsiders.  The question may not be "are the RIRs competent to do this" but 
> rather "are the RIRs less incompetent than the other options."  As 
> horrifying as the thought of turning control of the DFZ over to PPML/NANOG 
> may be, it's slightly less horrifying than turning it over to Congress and 
> the FCC -- or the UN.  IMHO, as always.

Well put.  This is exactly why I ran for the ARIN AC.  I know enough to 
know that I don't know all the answers (too many knows, I know), but I 
do believe these kinds of questions are very important to address now, 
before the sky starts falling in Washington, New York, and in newsrooms 
around the world.

> Another take is that if the RIRs _were_ involved in routing policy, the 
> appropriate stakeholders and competent engineers would show up.

Many of us are already quite involved, and I agree with you that even 
more people will become more involved as the stakes go up.  IMO, that 
will strengthen our public policy process, which will be necessary for 
the challenges of the upcoming period.


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