[ppml] Effects of explosive routing table growth on ISP behavior

Per Heldal heldal at eml.cc
Fri Nov 2 11:12:45 EDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-11-02 at 14:23 +0000, michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:
> > On Thu, 2007-11-01 at 08:54 -0500, Brian Johnson wrote:
> > Is it just RIRs that have no business being involved in 
> > routing-policy or do you resist any coordination of 
> > routing-policies between DFZ operators? Suppose a market 
> > emerges and it must be regulated, how do you enforce 
> > regulations without a stick? If the RIRs can't advise 
> > operators on routing-policies, who can? 
> This is a silly comment. The RIRs have no business in routing 
> policy because they do not have the expertise, and the true
> stakeholders in member companies are not involved in the RIRs.
> The RIRs have no competent advice to give an ISP on routing
> policy.

Between the lines, maybe that's exactly what I indicated that has to
change. There should be plenty of routing competence combined within the
organisations represented in the ARIN community. I never argued that
ARIN itself has the knowledge. They can only mediate community-member's
contributions as defined by the community they serve.

> That said, there is nothing wrong with RIRs mediating some
> coordination of routing policies between DFZ operators, but
> this must be done, first and foremost, by getting the routing
> policy stakeholders involved in the process. If they don't buy-in,
> then it won't work.
> And please don't send me a list of the few PPML participants who
> also happen to have design authority in their networks. I know 
> that there are a few such people, but the point is that RIR policy
> is being set, for the most part, by people who do not design their
> companies' networks or set their companies' routing policy.

As said above; if that is so, maybe it'll have to change?

Or do we have to establish a completely new organisation with the
authorisation to even get heavy-handed should it be necessary?

As was said in ARIN and RIPE meetings in the last weeks the choice may
stand between strict industry self-regulation of heavy-handed 3rd party
regulators which may be even less educated than today's RIR


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