[ppml] the transfer proposal was Re: In$entive$

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Tue Mar 27 16:00:50 EDT 2007

At 8:06 -0700 3/22/07, Owen DeLong wrote:

>The RIRs provide a very specific service. They guarantee that whatever
>numbers they issue to you will not be issued to anyone else by them or
>by any other RIR.  They don't guarantee anyone will route those numbers
>for you.  They don't guarantee you that no one else will use those
>numbers in their router.  They don't promise you that there is no competing
>parallel address registry.

I want to switch to the proposed transfer policy for a moment and see 
how that crosses with this.

So if company runs a service that justifies a /19 from ARIN and then 
sells that service to another, the buying company can then justify a 
/19 worth of space.  Does the selling company "have" to give up the 
/19?  I mean, will ARIN reclaim the space at any time or are we 
relying on the selling company to voluntarily free the space and/or 
transfer it to the buying company?

I asking out of a little confusion.
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