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>While that isn't ARIN policy per se, it's the logical effect of
>the policies
>and fee schedule, and I think that it's at least somewhat intentional.  We
>are encouraging NAT by our actions, if not by our words.

Rubbish and rot.

The biggest thing that encourages NAT from a corporate point of view is
that unless the customer is large enough to qualify for a direct assignment
from a RIR, they are stuck if they take an allocation from an ISP, use it
internally, then later on decide the ISP is run by greedy incompetents and
they want to switch to a new ISP.

40 years from now if the Internet has completely switched over to IPv6,
there will still be translation boxes in use at the interface between
the customer and the ISP, for this reason.

NAT is not ever going to go away.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but ISPs
cannot depend on locking customers in by addressing.  Unless all IP
is as portable as a domain name, customers are going to use NAT.  And
addressing will never be portable unless we want to have a route entry
for every user on the Internet in the BGP table.


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