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>	the right  argument to make to mgmt is, "small, incremental costs
>	now will give us a seemless, smooth transition when the event occurs
>	since we will have had the time to work outthe prolems.  Waiting
>	till the last momeny/year will cause the costs to be much
>higher and the
>	transition much worse - causing our customers to re-evaluate their
>	use of our services."

As a manager I would say:

"With technology moving so fast the incremental additional costs your
proposing right now for rolling in IPv6 are going to end up wasted, because
the stuff your buying on increment, will be obsolete in 5 years.  Let's
just wait 5 years, we all know that technology gets cheaper over time and
by then what you want will cost next to nothing."

As a salesman I would say:

"Until our competitors start telling their customers that they have to
over to IPv6, I cannot go to our customers and either tell them they have to
switch, or get more money from them for switching.  So if we have to switch
over to IPv6 earlier than our competitors, we are going to have to eat the


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