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> If ARIN were in fact offering an exchange program where we 
> would receive vastly increased sized IPv6 allocations for a 
> greatly reduced fee over the IPv4 blocks. A case could be 
> made on the economics of changing to v6.

How vast?  How great?


ARIN has been waiving fees for IPv6 allocations for members [1] 
for several years.  That waiver expires at the end of this year.
Fees for IPv6 assignments are all-but-waived, at $500; same

As an ISP, the minimum allocation you would receive is a /32 [2];
as an end-user, the minimum assignment would be a /48 [3].

What more can we do?


[1] Members mean organizations with allocations, or people/
organizations who pay a $500 annual membership fee.
[2] 2^32 subnets (each subnet being 2^64 addresses).
[3] 2^16 subnets (each subnet being 2^64 addresses).

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